Shri BahuBali Atishaya Kshetra

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                  Shravanabelagola Gomteshwara 
  Shri Bahubali temple Kolhapur

Bahubali Mandir Kumbhoj

Bahubali Atishaya kshetra recognized by the Idol of Lord Bahubali (Jain tirth spot) in standing up position is situated on about 50 measures up and 28 legs in hight; sthapana/installed in 1963. The idol is set up near to your legs for the mountain and can be viewed from kms away through the slope.This spot is comes under kumbhoj town.

Through the leading until the base of the mountain there are fourteen designs of Siddha Khetras and Tirthankar Nirwaan places. Versions into the back part of the idol there are six various other you can begin to start to see the designs of Gajpantha, Taranga, Mangitungi,Sonagiri and Pavagiri sidha kshetra.On the right you can observe a huge Kailash Parvat designs in which seventy two temples models made in rock and cement. After that you have actually Girnarji depicting Prince Neminath 'Viaragya' occasion in the front. This really is certainly additionally must to have appearance .

Regarding the remaining you see a model of Sammeed Shikharji with all the 'tonks' Below this you have actually got eight even more smaller designs that illustrate the various other Siddha Khetra's. After coming down regarding the correct part you have got Mahaveer Digmabar Jain 'Jal Mandir' temple. Regarding the remaining you have actually got 'Ratnatrya' Digambar Jain temple. More down you can view even more Digambar Jain Temples with 'Samavshran Temple', '' and 'Bahubali Temples',Sahastrakut Temple, 'Manastambha', and Acharya Shantisagar and Acharya Samatbhadra Memorials. Temples on the slope 380 actions: Lord Bahubali (six legs in hight) ended up being set up in Vikram Samvat 2418. The meals offered in Dharmshala is of great test.

At the leading of the temple there's a little space had been Lord Adinath (1.10 legs) is (sthapna)installed.right in front side of Lord Adinath temple a little Column of Dignity is additionally here. Uper part of 'Sahastrakut' Jain Temple there's another 'Gandhakuti' temple. In this temple eight idols are put in. In 'Swayambhu Jain Temple' Lord Adinath "3.2 legs in hight" is sthapana/installed in sitting position. Hill's Digambar Jain Temples: (a) Lord Bahubali Digambar Jain Temple. (b) Lord Shantinath Digambar Jain Temple. (c) Lord Chandaprabhu Digambar Jain Temple. (d) Lord Adinath Digambar Jain Temple. (age) Line of Dignity. Swadhyay Bhavan, exactly where courses and shivirs take place most of the 12 months rounded is additionally current during the base of this destination. One or more thousand pupils research into the Gurukul under Bahubali University. There's hefty dash of Pilgrims most of the 12 months round. The location with all the temples, Hill, Gurukul area, etc. is really well preserved under and run by Digambar Jain Trusts. Read more about Bahubali and places here

  Behind the building is a old Bhuabali idol. The six feet high Satishaya idol of Bhagwan Bahubali was founded in Khak Samvat 1079. The surroundings near bahubali (historical) idol are extremly pleasant if you are here in the evenings.

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  Nearby Places :
Religious : Dharmanagar, Nandani, Ambabai Kolhapur, Kothaki,
                Stavanidhi,Narsobachi Wadi (Narsobawadi) Sri Kshetra,
Historical: Kolhapur, Panhala, Siddhagiri Gramjivan (Kaneri math)
Location : Kumbhoj Bahubali  

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